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Turquoise sea off Grottamare

Grottamare and its sea-caves echoing

                                                   Beside the Adriatic

         Echo of siren song

                               still reaches me

                                      inside the silent train


                               Once more the lost voices

                                                        Calling undersea

            Ah but


                                          it is all illusion

            The fog lies heavily

                                               in the olive trees

                   Morning in made by the clock

                               and not by light

                               Which only exists in our minds

                   Men and women sleep

                            in their usual darkness

                   Only the light

                            asleep in their eyes

                        gives any hint

                            of an iridescent future

                                 of an incandescent destiny

While far out

                       beyond the far islands

         the sea sends back

                                its turquoise answer



Lawrence Ferlinghetti






El Puente


Entre ahora y ahora,

entre yo soy y tú eres,

la palabra puente.


Entras en ti misma

al entrar en ella:

como un anillo

el mundo se sierra.


De una orilla a la otra

sempre se tiende un cuerpo,

un arcoiris.


Yo dormiré bajo sus arcos.


Octavio Paz





Cyfarchion! Cyfarchion! Cyfarchion!







A nishtikeit!                                  Una vera nullità!



A glick ahf dir!                             Buona fortuna!

A klog iz mir!                                Povero me!


A shtik naches                             Una grande gioia

Ahf tsores                                       Nei guai

Ahntoisht                                       Deluso

Alaichem shalom                          Pace a te

Azoy gait es!                                  Così va la vita!

A gezunt ahf dein kop!               Buona salute sulla tua testa!


Patrizio Marozzi






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